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Within minutes of opening the box my children were building and creating everything from houses to cars and even robots.

-Michael L.


It was easy and quick to learn how to assemble and build amazing creations.

-Richard Adelson


Overall very well designed however they do seem to scuff and scratch up easily.

-Joseph Dear


This has been great for pulling my son away from video games.

-Mark Baselano


It was a great fit for the age group. My kids both quickly understood the concept of building and creating with the magnets.

-Gianna Hughes


The price is right and I'm already looking into purchasing additional sets.

-Joanna Ramirez


I would say yes at first I was concerned about the plastic cracking but after numerous drops and crashes of buildings I think they are very sturdy.

-Cynthia P.


My favorite detail is the creative play. It's been awhile since anything has pushed my kids to be this imaginative.

-Hwan Kangjŏn


This is the first product I've seen like this so I am unable to make a comparison honestly, but the price seems very fair based on the creativity and ability to use over and over again.

-Ayeisha Guirguis


I have and will continue to recommend this great product.

-Deion Vaughn


The product was very easy to open and assemble I liked that there was no plastic involved, just a box inside another box.

-Hiran Paraiyar


The pieces were very easy to use, the light magnets make it super easy for younger kids to put together and take apart. The magnets make for easy clean up and I love love love the cinch bag. Great for clean up and storing the blocks

-Divit Chauhan


The product is very durable,but the car tire was broken off about an hour after opening. We have had no broken pieces and the blocks have withstood lots of dumping and tossing.

-Alejandro Jimenez


My kids absolutely LOVE the magnetic stick and stack. They can play for long periods of time by themselves or together! We as parents are loving it too..sparking our imaginations and really getting involved with playing with the kids.

-Christian Lucpim


I think the age group could be lowered one year from three, to two year son is two and just absolutely loves it! My six year old loves it as well

-Gabriel Boswell


After talking with my husband about this question we decided that we would spend 40 dollars on the 100 pc set. The stick n stack has brought much joy to our children, and that is priceless to us, thank you.

-Kaila Ciment


I saw nothing on the product that would make me concerned and I feel that this product is safe.

-Leah T. Velez


We love the windows and doors, its a great addition to all of the houses we make.

-Alisa Rennert


YES! We as a family have already gotten hours of enjoyment out of the stick n stack product.

-Nicole MacAuliffe




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