Julie and Jonathan taught children for over a decade. They’ve seen how educational toys helped their students develop cognitive skills and made them smarter.


Yet as they stocked up on education toys, they thought, “There must be something better. Why aren’t there more affordable educational toys on the shelves?”


Shape Mags was inspired when Julie met a Japanese math teacher who created homemade magnetic tiles to build STEM skills.


Thousands of children, across the world, have been captivated by Shape Mags. Millions of structures have been built with Shape Mags. Thrilling for both boys and girls, children of all ages have shape magged for hours.


As Jonathan says: “When they play, they learn.”


Critical Thinkers

Shape Mags prepares your child to be part of tomorrow’s movers and shakers, innovators and leaders. Hours of Shape Mag play means hours of building critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Creative Builders


Help your child manifest their ideas into three dimensional reality. Expand their stream of creativity as they make the concepts they imagine come to life with their eager hands. Shape Mags encourages creativity and innovative thinking as your child’s brain develops.


Fun that raises Future Engineers.

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